Joshua Ware

-“There is the institution of an assemblage, a war machine or criminal machine, which can reach the point of self-destruction,” Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari.

“Thus in place of some of the dangerous scrambles and property-destroying melees which used to take place, we have a well planned and supervised holiday which provides fun for everyone,” Handbook of the Lincoln High School, 2nd edition, 1929.

Lincoln crosses the threshold

of tradition & accepts you as the new Lincoln.

Cottonwoods furnish floor plans with catkins & erase a comprehensive index of decisions.

These lights & wall sockets will rebuild themselves inside of you.

Without a little bit of translation space cannot swallow difference.

This is why I will be leaving.

& to a grove of trees treestoo small to be people it’s the real thing to capture chemicals & cancer. A lifetime in Nebraska stores part of Nebraska in shallow groundwater & contaminated technology. Trees plant trees because other trees expect doubt to sustain the land. But they lost a good thing an official community. & some trees use signs to study Nebraska. An unusual thing to expose to air.

& coal-fired skies fill a country with cement concrete curing land with waste. Gaps in the air more toxic than America drink the land of ash. Because death in America is the new becoming & land means less to machinery technology will recycle Nebraska & plant reductions in the air. Must & must prove the land the metal in the promise. Ash is land removed from utility sometimes only ash.




& a lifetime in technology will explain America to a grove of trees & prove the land is shallow. But is land removed from community a problem? More than expected? Nebraska in becoming the new Nebraska is air in the groundwaterthe official machinery of drinking. & when land loses ash must it fill a small country? The less Nebraska used signs to capture America the more technology contaminated trees.

& trees people the sky with ash & must expose air to metal. Gaps in the land causecancer recycle doubt & study the utility of trees. Coal-fired chemicals store an unusual thing in Nebraska as waste’s way sustains trees. They plant land because land means curing cement & concrete. A reduction in trees dissipates toxic air. & in some lands to be a plant is to be the Other.

In sequencein sequence:

4 girls wish away industrial problems
4 girls number corridors after evening
4 girls end each argument with excuses
4 girls carry themselves through harmony

4 boys number each argument with problems
4 boys wish themselves through a corridor
4 boys end harmony after industrial excuses
4 boys carry evening away from numbers

& Lincoln blinks twice a week.

& I can’t stand to see you be a bad man.

I mark the time by towns. Between Whitman & that slow sea of middle America my young man straps into some summer way west. My baby & I do it geological. I watch towns crumble. Secrets claim to know empty suitcasesdaydreams & volcanoes. A window wanders & disappears. Maybe heads west. Maybe thinks of space. We eventually disappear into the boy who sleeps Nebraska.

Different things show up in my catalogue for example a pumpkin tree saying I inch along the veins of encyclopedias a bean pod reading Nebraska’s shallow soil & the drainage of native color which my catalogue tells me I have eaten. It is a small color. Or soil falling over winter compost in a violet smoking jacket & slender colors pulling Lincoln into black winter light.


I have eaten Lincoln. He is a small color. Or maybe little towns fall along winter when daydreams detach from violence. Or maybe slender windows wander into the colors of my head. Or maybe volcanoes west of Nebraska are empty. Or maybe the space between Whitman & the shallow soil of middle America slips into the pumpkin jacket while my baby smokes a bean pod.

My catalogue disappears into winter light. Or maybe soil crumbles into black summer towns. Or maybe a young man reads about the slow drainage from my catalogue & tells me the native sea sleeps with boys which I haven’t noticed.Or maybe I show suitcases the time by marking them with geology. Or maybe Nebraska disappears out west & gets pulled up by inches.

Lincoln credits Nebraska with small numbers: 101102 145.

Nebraska credits Lincoln with an electrical stove that melts
China & folds the remains into a collection of seeds & agriculture for microscopes.

Lincoln credits Nebraska with telephone numbers for purple.
Nebraska credits Lincoln with the time-consuming

practice of nailing a flag to an historical head.

It’s just the tip of your tongue & you’re so silent

Moving pipes is his family’s call but day & night water drives their pickup into cornfields that control the system. An idea puts water into water & technology monitors technology. But how much water shuts off a computer? & if a machine rains on a systemcan the speed of an idea determine the culture of groundwater while faster fields introduce waste to farmers?

Purple is plentiful in these days of chemical reactions. Or memory functions as a color you experiment within. A handful of America found the battle against purple helpful they sliced people from love & baked them in an oven. Or consider night shades as a homemade repertoire of color while the body thinks for purple & eats alone during summer months.


A machine functions as color but thinks of America as a handful of purple & memory. How a computer eats summer determines the speed of the living. Bake a body in water. Computerize cornfields. Gauge purple with the technology of homemade systems. & when alone put an idea into a culture of waste & find out how water drives shade into moving fields of color.

Chemical reactions of purple program an idea into groundwater & introduce experimentation into a family’s system of love. At night water asks farmers made from a machine to slice people into purple & shut them in an oven. Eat them alone. This repertoire of night tricks you into a living body. & monitors control water pipes much more than water controls technology.

Microscopes model birds

as scalpels slide through girls
& turn boys into electricity.

The motors mounted in Nebraska’s head undo skylight & supply the diminishing sun with voltage from forgotten

Electricity boys slide through girls
& birds turn scalpels into microscopes.

This is a story of the sun setting down our middle & leaving wretched landscapes to the boys & girls who built them.

Across this land