Farren Stanley and Jessalyn Wakefield

The syphilitic queen and her hunchbacked                         litter

She grooves like a worm.

It is not a foot or a pelt you are looking for                                                        a Rabbit must only

believe in destiny

                           tribulation is a carnival ride.

And a doll, made even                                        in her image,            is not a


Make your own luck. Articulate her

at the joints, pass                          your hand through the smoke.

You are cleansed / hello.

Detail from a Haitian bus.

Press it down.

Shred it and apply spit

and gum. Then press it down.

Don’t go down angry, just go

down. Press it down.

As long as it is feeling,                              press it down. The brood,

two by two. What a dummy / hello

In the future past the bus crashes & explodes              into molded confetti

hello/ I’ve noticed you have a wound.

The knight unbuckles dolly’s plastic shoe/                    show                   without blemish.

Her joints articulating in the breeze.

The Queen of syphilis noodles waving                 anemones in the spinal column

it isn’t always like this

but now it is like this.

Farren Stanley’s place-of-origin is Santa Fe, NM, but her heart followed her body to Tuscaloosa, AL. She lives under a magnolia tree with two dogs, two goldfish and seven orchids. She and Jessalyn have been playing together for ten years. You can find her work in Handsome, elimae, RealPoetik, Caketrain, H_NGM_N and at Greying Ghost Press.

Jessalyn Wakefield is a practitioner of typography, writing, and other theories of correspondence. You can find her work at amihuman.net.