Issue 29 Poetry

Ljubljanica and Shadow Anti-Shadow
by A. Anupama

with poetry already in our mouths
only waiting for a swallow’s wing-beat
while a white balloon floats under our bridge,
its gray shadow nodding.
Add a breeze, and it sails,
makes a wake.

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Tenets, Supplication, and Postcards
by Ruth Foley

After Ellen Doré Watson

I believe in the creeping charlie
that spills across the grass, that it can't
be a weed if it shrouds the unfledged
baby bird, its naked breast, its
gaping beak held still.

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Unseasonable Warmth and Beginning Acrylics
by Jennifer Gravley

Every thing, dead and living, confused.
Raise our palms to the disruption of cloud?
Pound our fists into the lake while it’s open
to us, its flatness a guise we can smash
with a splash? Grass sprouts, flush and full
bellied, under the gray of the grass that was.

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by Susanna Lang

This morning we woke
to more snow.

Each storm
erases more lines in the world,

the dock easing into the river,
park benches into the ball field.

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History of the Present and The Patient
by Elizabeth Onusko

I fly on the plane that doesn’t crash.
I walk across the bridge that doesn’t collapse.
I sleep in a bed inside the house
that doesn’t burn down.
All the while, would-be revolutionaries
seclude themselves in basements, scribbling
dystopian constitutions on cinder block walls,

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