Issue 25 Poetry

Musings on Antigua I & II
by Michelle Donahue

The sides of buildings
have layers
like sediment
in sandstone, groaned
and creaked through
time. A depth I stick
my hand into
that heart of cement.

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Flannery at Lourdes
by Chris Haven

They took you to Lourdes where the water
was freely given. You refused and then
assented. You prayed but not for your bones
and entered the grotto carried by two,
one able body on your left and one
on your right their hands holding you steady
in the piscines, and dipped you naked
into the water. The waters were cool,
your body held still for sixty seconds.

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by Gary L. McDowell

A man meeting his god is another form
of night: surely they will curve back

to the river where one will say, feed my sheep,
feed my lambs. Do the same. You sit in the aisle

nearest the window so you can watch the parking lot
and the road, the trucks filing to the interstate—

you’re careful not to think anything
that you don’t already understand.

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by Ciara Shuttleworth

If I failed, Adam,
to gratify your every whim,
look me in the eye,
ask that I leave by

blue dusk to mask the flame
of my hair, your tearful shame
only witnessed by our Sculptor
as you demand He mold another.

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