++++++++++I’ll teach you to peel
++++++++++all the legs and thorax

++++++++++in one piece
++++++++++++++++++++++I learn

+++++++++++++++when skin is this fresh
++++++++++you see through the body

+++++++++++++++and notice bait
++++++++++bloating in the mouth

+++++++++++++++of the willing

++++++++++we were always either laboring
++++++++++or are labored over

++++++++++I’m learning to convince you
++++++++++++++++++++++of your teeth

++++++++++how easily they crack open

 Victoria McArtor holds an MFA from Oklahoma State University; works for a luxury residential mortgage team; serves on the board of directors for Camp Fire, a nonprofit youth organization focused on building leadership skills and social responsibility; and is co-founder of a new poetry and collaborative arts nonprofit, MUSED.