Fabrice Poussin Relax

Bent Trees

Evelyn Sharenov

My father called daily: did they have markets here, places to rent videos, Chinese food? How to explain that what mattered was the husky across the street, the border collies up the block, the retrievers next door.


Nicole Ames Morning Windshield

Pumpkin or

Scott Abels

Goodbye, awkward mascot. / You touched your hair too much.


Kimberly Bannister - Safety Coffin

Death & Night

Cheryl Diane Kidder

I came to terms with the death by believing that he had actually flown away in a helicopter, that he would get in touch with us when it was safe to do so.


Castillo_2 (credit Drew Stevens)

Preguntas for Ana Castillo

Bonnie Cisneros interviews Ana Castillo

A mother’s unconditional love, in my opinion, is the ultimate selfless love.


A Little Lumpen Novelita

A Little Lumpen Novelita

 Roberto Bolaño

To pan is to suggest, unrealistically, that you know better than the master.


AJ Cann - Amplification

The Friends Meeting

Adam Soto

Viciousness, as far as Serena was concerned, might as well be justice in the animal world, it was so common. Without it, nothing natural would ever seem fair.


willful disregard

Willful Disregard

Lena Andersson

Willful Disregard is a beautiful, shatteringly real portrayal of how obsession and love can take a serious, professional, critical person and make them act more akin to a crushing high schooler.


Frankie Leon Sky Graffiti


Robert O’Connell

Seen from a car traveling eighty-five miles an hour on a highway, western Kansas seems like an illusion, like spatial molasses.



We Create Ourselves Through the Stories We Tell

Shannon Perri interviews David Olimpio

The frustrating thing to me has always been the not knowing.



The Pulse Between Dimensions and the Desert

Marilyse Figueroa interviews (and reviews) Rios de la Luz

There is no one out there who can tell a story the way you tell a story because all of our lived experiences differ. I think this is beautiful.


KBannister Almost Stepped on You Little Guy


David Wright

He left the house and its solid worries, peeled / paint, basement brick seeping and bulging, / his pale spouse, wearing nothing, rolling towards / him unconsciously as he rose.



Iris and the Catano

Athena Kildegaard

Of rolling downhill in a white frock, her arms tucked up close to her chest, her hands folded almost in prayer beneath her chin, of rolling over grass and dandelions, dandy lions, down dally lions, edible and bright, each one calling out her name as she rolled over them, Iris! Iris! Iris!


KBannister Bike Lane

Big Steel and Good Money

James Gyure

Your test scores were like long-shot lottery winnings, Grandma lighting votive lamps for scholarships, your father moonlighting behind the bar at the V.F.W. These were their signs of love.


Secret Games of Words

The Secret Game of Words

Karen Stefano

These lines struck me like a beautiful, melancholy song, and I couldn’t help rereading them several times, thinking of my own girlhood and the years that have gone by and will never come back.


london session

A Conversation with Joel Cummins of Umphrey's McGee

Andrew Hincapie interviews Joel Cummins

After eighteen years of being a band, finally we have these options.


Fabrice Poussin Rooftops

The First Chinese Brother

James Valvis

Maybe today is the day you open / your mouth. What’s stopping you? / Is it a fear you’ll drown someone?


some animal meat

Some Other Animal's Meat

Emily Carroll

If you have been the victim of a home product party centered around purchasing tupperware, Mary Kay, or some other item you don’t need or want, you will instantly understand the way Emily Carroll mixes horror with the mundane.


Nicole Ames Empty Nest

Greyhound Therapy

Josephine Ensign

I have a recurrent vision of working on an assembly line where the faceless broken bodies move past me and where my job is to patch them together. But I can’t keep up.


M Dickman Green Migraine

Green Migraine

Michael Dickman

Dickman’s poems are vast and austere, somewhat sparse, but somehow expansive.