"Butterfly Effect" by Majla Zeneli

(untitled) by Majla Zeneli [Jarmuschek+Partner Gallery]

We’re back! Please consider investing in the celebration of our artistic community by submitting to our call & response challenge! We’re hoping that by crossing the boundaries of visual and written mediums we can expand the poetic realm.

Here’s the skinny: We want you to have a conversation with a piece of visual art, in this case, “The Butterfly Effect” by Majla Zeneli, and write a poem about it! Respond, reframe, reflect, challenge, narrate—the opportunities are endless! Experimental work is welcome. Be innovative, ambitious, and bold—so go on, get Ekphrastic with your bad self.

Our Poetry editor, Meg E. Griffitts, will choose her favorite piece(s) for publication on our site.

Deadline: April 26, 2017

Submit ONE poem here under the Call & Response tab: http://www.frontporchsubmissions.com/


[Artist] MAJLA ZENELI creates her collages by assembling prints executed in mezzotint, a printmaking technique that enables her to speculate on the concepts of replication and the uniqueness of the image. In her compositions she is interested in finding a balance within discords and congruence amidst inconsequental fragments that happen to be adjacent to each other.
Born in Tirana, Albania in 1980. Studies at the Department of Graphics in the Academy of Fine Arts – Wroclaw, Poland and in Burg Giebichenstein – Halle, Germany. Currently based in Berlin.