Derek Gromadzki

Unbroken   stasis   of  the  broken

habit  all  too active  treads  a bereft

indulgence  scattered  restless   weary

where    that  which was is wished

until  it  were  again  once  more

the  green   the  green  that  longing  sings

too  unto    toward  a  source

for   the  restoration   of  desire  in  a moment  destroyed

when  the  skin  of  the  mind  pricks and pulls

full recoil

collects   and  twists objects with images

Derek Gromadzki is an MFA and PhD student at the University of Iowa. His most recent work has appeared in Black Warrior Review, The Brooklyner, Cavalier Literary Couture, and CutBank, and is forthcoming in Midway, The Journal, American Letters & Commentary, and other publications.

“My fondest porch memories are from the summers I used to spend on my grandparents’ farm. The front porch of the farmhouse gave right onto an apple orchard. I remember collecting all the ripest apples I could find and sitting for hours, eating them and staring off into the trees.”