Anji Reyner

You, me, and two dogs. This could be us in the Dodge truck on this postcard, except you don’t have a

dog and I am not a man. Let’s say it’s me driving though. Wow, my facial hair is outstanding, isn’t

it? Anyway, that beer you’re holding above the dash could get me arrested. Your hands look prepared to

crumple, so finish it already. In the cab of this truck, each of us next to a door, our permanent

separateness is finally clear to me. Stay where you are as long as you like. Also, your dog stinks.

Love, A.

I bought this cow postcard for you. It’s not that it reminds me of you (unless you’ve been

farting). I just thought it more personal than the card with covered bridges nearing collapse. I see

that one of the cows is a calf and one has horns. Belted Galloways? No, these cows are more splotchy

than belty. The one on the lower left looks a little angry. Is it the incongruous pink patch on his

nose? Whatever the reason, he has the same expression I expect you to develop when you read this: I

fucked your brother. Love, A.

Love Poem

I am thinking of your beautiful feet in absentia.


Oh these paintings are so lovely. Ouch. What the fuck was that. A sippy cup has hit my head.

That child threw it. I want to break the arm of the child who threw it. The arm of the man who is

holding the child who threw it. The arm of the woman who is the mother of the child who threw his

sippy cup who is the wife of the man whose arm I am going to break first who is not looking at me

because she is pretending to need to know the time and also the color of her shoes. There is a sippy

cup schedule: one museum patron per hour. Time now the guard says I can only write in pencil.

Get the fuck away from me I just want to look at art.

Anji Reyner is a recent graduate of Goddard College. Her work is forthcoming in No Tell Motel and Action, Yes. She lives in the Rocky Mountains.

“Hummingbird mint grows next to my front porch, so from July to October it smells of bubblegum out there. Less charming, the adjacent olive tree is awfully thorny and may poke you in the face.”