Susanna Lang


This morning we woke
to more snow.

Each storm
erases more lines in the world,

the dock easing into the river,
park benches into the ball field.

Only the yellow painted chairs
continue to glow by the curb

where somebody expects to park.
We leave our doors unlocked:

there are no more burglars,
no houses to burgle, no books;

certainly no gardens, the beds

beneath the shapeless white.
After this winter

it will be as if we’d made nothing.


Susanna Lang’s newest collection of poems, Tracing the Lines, was published in 2013 by the Brick Road Poetry Press. Her first collection, Even Now, was published in 2008 by The Backwaters Press, followed by a chapbook, Two by Two (Finishing Line Press, 2011). Her poems have appeared in journals including Little Star, New Letters, The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, The Green Mountains Review, The Baltimore Review, Kalliope, and Jubilat. She lives in Chicago, where she teaches in the Chicago Public Schools.

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