Author NameTitleIssueLiterary Genre
Daniel Bailey interviewed by Jeremy BauerSparing Existence and Other Coozies: A Gchat Interview with Daniel Bailey22Interview
Nathan BaranWhatever Happens by Tim Conley6Review
Alison BarkerDispatches from the Third Line13Nonfiction
John E. BarrettMan in Backseat of '73 Plymouth Duster3Nonfiction
Melissa BarrettLandscape with Grief Approaching 16Poetry
Daniel BartonChloe Honum, The Tulip-Flame27Review
Dan BartonLaurie Saurbourn Young, Industry of Brief Distraction30Review
Jeremy BauerJordaan Mason, The Skin Team25Review
Eric BausThe Worm’s First Film; Obscured Elk; Isis’s Sister; and Port Fever8Poetry
Ryan Bayless7 Poets, 4 Days, 1 Book by Marvin Bell, et al.11Review
Ryan BaylessDu Fu: A Life in Poetry by Du Fu, David Young (translator)10Review
Dan Beachy-Quick Place Names: The Name, After Kabir, and Poem6Poetry
Diane Hoover BechtlerThe Bride Wore Cocktail Sauce20Nonfiction
Matt Bell interviewed by Jeremy BauerWhat to Expect When You’re Expecting in the Apocalypse: An Interview with Matt Bell21Interview
Andres BenavidesBeauty Salon by Mario Bellatin12Review
Aimee Bender interviewed by Heather LefebvreYou Eat What You Feel: An Interview with Aimee Bender26Interview
Ryan Bender-MurphyElectronics Store22Poetry
Erin BerkowitzThe Yellow House, Arc, and Salida, Colorado13Poetry
Billie BernardPenguins in a Warming World by Anca Vlasopolos4Review
Billie BernardThe Outernationale by Peter Gizzi6Review
Sean BernardHystericalectomy19Fiction
Ashley BerthelotSamoas6Fiction
Stephen BettThose Godawful Streets of Man: An Interview31Interview
Lucy BiedermanThe Last Act and The Portrait of a Lady7Poetry
Jessica BinkleyAll-Night Lingo Tango by Barbara Hamby12Review
Jessica BinkleyTemper by Beth Bachmann14Review
Jessica BinkleyZach Savich, The Firestorm19Review
Brett BiscegliaJim Krusoe, Toward You20Review
Brett BiscegliaTricia Bauer, Father Flashes18Review
David Travis BlandMillwood Ave, Scrapping, and Good People Larry28Nonfiction
Eric BlankenburgForrest Gander, The Trace28Review
Richard BoadaRed Tennessee11Poetry
Nicolette BondCarve6Poetry
Shiloh BookerJosie Sigler, Living Must Bury17Review
Collin BostAway by Amy Bloom7Review
Geoff BouvierDesired Reversals; Ahoy, Matey; From the Scribbled Addenda that I Meant to Send Ya; and Sneaking Through the Ward, or Being Considerate Through the Ward6Poetry
Geoff Bouvier interviewed by Trey MoodyInterview with Geoff Bouvier6Interview
Andi McKay BoydCorinna A-Maying the Apocalypse by Darcie Dennigan13Review
Andi BoydMartha Silano, The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception19Review
Coral Bracho, trns Forrest GanderThe Breeze/The Posture of Trees2Poetry
Ian BreenCoda29Fiction
Susan BrianteBetter Than Paris3Poetry
J. Camp BrownHug–Eyed Bill and the Gravid Shadow and Mandolin in White Wood, Tuning28Poetry
Daniel BrowneOmakase19Fiction
J. Scott BrownleeWine Cup19Poetry
J. Scott BrownleeAn Interview31Interview
Lauren BullAfter-Cave29Review
Mary BushNeuropathy and Kepler15Poetry
Blake ButlerReplication Error5Poetry
Author NameTitleIssueLiterary Genre
Chelsea CampbellKim Henderson, The Kind of Girl25Review
Viola Canales interviewed by Timothy Connor DaileyOf Cards and Community: An Interview with Viola Canales28Interview
Michel CandoInterview with Michel Candor: Owner, Salamander Books, Baltimore, MD15Interview
Katie CappelloLament for a Rug6Poetry
Brian Allen CarrA Random Migration10Fiction
Emily CarrLateral Gene Exchange19Poetry
Emily CarrMorning Exercise19Poetry
Emily CarrQueen for a Day19Poetry
Emily CarrState of Grace27Poetry
Tyler CarterHow to Decode Your Waiting Room/The Distance Between Still and Quietly3Poetry
Meagan CassCritical Instruction: An Interview29Interview
Chris Castellani interviewed by Evan McMurryInterview with Chris Castellani, the Artistic Director for Grub Street, a non-profit writing organization in Boston, Massachusetts14Interview
Ana Castillo Interviewed by Bonnie CisnerosAna Castillo Interviewed by Bonnie Cisneros32Interview
Ashley ChambersOn SABBATHA Eve28Poetry
Victoria Chang interviewed by Ben SeanorPledging Allegiance to the Question: An Interview with Victoria Chang27Interview
Mallory ChesserDina Guidubaldi, How Gone We Got: Stories31Review
Tanya ChernovGradual Habituation26Nonfiction
Lindsay Faber ChiatCompunction16Poetry
Elaine ChiewFlorida Rednecks Love Moo Goo Gai Pan11Review
Alexander ChisumThe Tuba and the Cherry Tree23Poetry
Cristina ChopalliMary Anne Mohanraj, The Stars Change26Review
Cristina ChopalliSarah Terez Rosenblum, Herself When She’s Missing25Review
L. Stacy ChristieLinda Lee Harper, Kiss, Kiss15Review
Heather Christle The Small Husband, Fast Clouds, and We Are Being Paged 9Poetry
Ansley ClarkBackyard, Passage, Lake, and I’m Getting Ahead of Myself28Poetry
Charlie ClarkDevil All Alone21Poetry
Charlie ClarkDevil and Balloons21Poetry
John Lee ClarkBeach Baseball, Walker Institute of Art, Thanksgiving, and Ailment14Poetry
Adam ClayElegy for the Forgotten Thought of What Brought Us Here; Grief and Its Source; and Psalm for the Silence in the Air Before the Newspaper Hits the Ground8Poetry
Patrick ClineA Little Lumpen Novelita, by Roberto Bolaño32Review
Patrick ClineCounternarratives by John Keene30Review
Jason CoatesTrey Moody, Climate Reply17Review
Jason CoatesIn Another Castle by Matthew Shindell12Review
Jason CoatesSignals by Ed Madden14Review
Andrea CohenBirds With Blue Feathers18Poetry
Andrea CohenGravy Boat18Poetry
Andrea CohenMask18Poetry
Andrea CohenSwallow18Poetry
Christoper CokinosThree Poems31Poetry
Bearden ColemanSmonk by Tom Franklin1Review
Elizabeth ColenCalifornia Ice Age16Poetry
Elizabeth J. ColenThe Girl4Fiction
Taylor Collier The Latin Professor10Poetry
Josh CollinsMary Hamilton, We know what we are17Review
Josh CollinsUnintended Consequences11Review
Sarah ColvertOwen Egerton, How Best to Avoid Dying4Review
Sarah ColvertThe Chains That You Refuse by Elizabeth Bear6Review
Katherine ConnerThe Hired Boy 11Fiction
Christina CookSolo for the Flute and Voice in the Reeds8Poetry
Kevin CorbinUnder Any Other Sun24Fiction
Claudia CorteseDear dirt stain and rain-freckled snow—20Poetry
Claudia CorteseThe End, without Iron Shoes20Poetry
Claudia CorteseWithout Hansel20Poetry
Daniel Coudriet My Throat Swallowing Makes the Sound Daughter and Fair Warning10Poetry
Valerie CoultonEl Madrugador, Plaça del Diamant, Retrato Imaginario, Setas, and Retrato de Carmina con manitas5Poetry
Nick CourtrightScar Tissue by Charles Wright1Review
Nick Courtright interviewed by E. D. WatsonThe Hilarity of Being: An Interview with Nick Courtright20Interview
Heather CoxSouthern Storytelling24Poetry
Hannah CraigLarge Small Horses 7Poetry
Michael CredicoThis Boy Here. He'll Kill You33Fiction
Caroline CrewTwo Poems31Poetry
Jonathan CrowlGhosts in Glenrio24Nonfiction
Joel CumminsA Conversation with Joel Cummins of Umphrey's McGee32Interview
Gillian CummingsPoupée22Poetry
Author NameTitleIssue #Literary Form 
Charles D'AmbrosioSeattle, 19741Nonfiction
Rita DahlThe city of white stairs, There is a desire in me, A rose, also a rose, and Coimbra14Poetry
TK DaltonHear No Evil33Nonfiction
Peter Davis interviewed by Jeremy BauerOur Androids and the Rocketry of Youth: An Interview with Peter Davis23Interview
Sarah DavisThe Circle’s End 6Nonfiction
Kelly Davio interviewed by Timothy Connor Dailey Signposts Along the Path: An Interview with Kelly Davio28Interview
Michael DeaglerHeavens30Fiction
John DeanOnce Upon a Quinceañera: Coming of Age in the USA by Julia Alvarez6Review
Rios de la LuzThe Pulse Between Dimension and the Desert: An Interview32Interview
Sara Reish DesmondThose Unseen 12Fiction
Aaron DeutschThe Burning of Troy by Richard Foerster9Review
Mariya DeykuteConfections22Poetry
Christopher DeWeese The Gambler, The Wizard, and Poem9Poetry
Brian DicksonBeyond Thirst/After the Myth Retold in the Kitchen/Boulder Ridge on Fire3Poetry
Anthony DiMatteoMind Games and Witness13Poetry
Laura M. DixonMorphology and Cultivation11Poetry
Colin DoddsThe Incredible Snare31Poetry
Michelle DonahueMusings on Antigua I & II25Poetry
Laura Donnelly In the field with the god26Poetry
Benjamin Arda DotyThe Many Fictions of Mustafa Kahraman15Fiction
Leisha DouglasGRIOT24Poetry
Jacqueline DoyleLouanne's Baby18Fiction
Leslie DoyleBackyard Astronomer16Fiction
Roddy DoyleThe Taxi1Fiction
Laura DrellDawn Diez Willis, Still Life with Judas and Lightning26Review
Laura DrellKristina Marie Darling and Carol Guess, X Marks the Dress: A Registry25Review
Danielle DucrestNeve Maslakovic, Regarding Ducks and Universes19Review
Ellen DufferHouseholds Made of Plastic22Nonfiction
John Dufresne interviewed by Benjamin Seanor Pill Mills In Paradise: An Interview with John Dufresne25Interview
S.J. DunningThree Poems30Poetry
Steve DurhamFor the Phoenix to Rise the Bird Must Burn29Nonfiction
Shiv DuttaWhispers from Another World18Nonfiction
Stuart Dybek interviewed by Theresa HoldenDifferent Ways of Calling Something a Story: An Interview with Stuart Dybek28Interview
Author NameTitleIssue #Literary Form
Dr. Toyin Falola interviewed by E. D. WatsonSynthesis and Storytelling: An Interview with Dr. Toyin Falola20Interview
Melissa FebosChapter 3, Excerpted from WHIP SMART: A Memoir14Nonfiction
Ross FeelerBonnie Nadzam, Lamb19Review
Erin FeldmanApostrophe by Elizabeth Robinson3Review
Erin FeldmanLucky Wreck by Ada Limón2Review
Juancarlos FelicianoFrancis Levy, Erotomania: A Romance16Review
Juancarlos FelicianoThe Sacred Book of the Werewolf by Victor Pelevin13Review
Katherine FieldEinstein the Retard13Nonfiction
Marilyse V. FigueroaLife is Wonderful, People Are Terrific by Meliza Bañales33Review
John FinduraRegenerating My Limbs, Calculating the Odds, and Regenerating the Scale on Which I Balance My Emotions28Poetry
Rachel Contreni FlynnThe Whittler, Crazy Lady, Charm, and Reception 11Poetry
Brian Foley Dog Catcher, Poor Reception, In Real Life, and Outlook11Poetry
Ruth FoleyThree Poems29Poetry
Tessa FontaineWhen you Get Sick but are Young and Mildly Attractive, this:21Nonfiction
Tessa FontaineAt the Liberian Refugee Camp21Nonfiction
Katie Ford interviewed by Laura DrellAn Interview in Miniature with Katie Ford23Interview
John Matthew FoxHorse Song16Fiction
Jason Fraley prelude to something ordinary 110Poetry
Rebecca Morgan FrankA Conversation with Rebecca Morgan Frank33Interview
Alex M. FrankelFlame at Door and Raisin25Fiction
Tom Franklin interviewed by Bearden ColemanTom Franklin Interview1Interview
Heather FreseAugust—, Did it Call to Mind the Dead in Your Life, Too?, and Domesticity 12Poetry
Bryan FryIf You Find This26Nonfiction
John FryJulie Marie Wade, Without19Review
Richard FulcoThree Chords and the Truth16Fiction
Urania FungWho the Hell is Pansy O’Hara? by Jenny Bond and Chris Sheedy8Review
Author NameTitleIssue #Literary Form 
Jeannine Hall GaileyThree Poems31Poetry
John GallaherAs Everything Has Three Parts, & We Divide Them However We Want; Advice to Passengers; Translation with Missing Original; and Your New Birthday 7Poetry
Dena GarciaJessica Hollander, In These Times the Home Is a Tired Place26Review
Pamela GarveyThe Great Art of Exile15Poetry
Anne GermanacosCourting Monsters7Nonfiction
Natalie GiarratanoAlmost Washout 11Poetry
Aaron GilbreathTry Mailing This to Alpha Centauri 11Fiction
Stuart GillStephen Bett, Those Godawful Streets of Man31Review
Jenny GillespieHarmonic2Poetry
Steven GillisFarensteen Here and There3Fiction
Diane GlancyThe Collector of Bodies30Nonfiction
Noah Eli GordonPointillism Makes of Me an Outdoor Poem, The Laughing Alphabet, and All Orange Blossoms have to Do is Act Naturally4Poetry
AB GorhamEmbedded, Failure to Machinate, The Consequences of Jumping from this Bridge are Fatal and Tragic, and Showman14Poetry
Christine GosnayThe Josephine Pocket33Fiction
Katrina GoudeyHow to Unfeel the Dead: New and Selected Fictions29Review
Anabel GraffChloe Benjamin, The Anatomy of Dreams28Review
Anabel GraffJulia Fierro, Cutting Teeth26Review
Christine Granados interviewed by Laura DrellStories of Women and Borderlands: An Interview with Christine Granados24Interview
Jennifer GravleyTwo Poems29Poetry
Amelia GrayLaird Hunt, The Exquisite2ReviewNot Archived
Amelia GrayAThe Open Curtain by Brian Evenson3Review
Amelia Gray interviewed by Sean RoseWith Great Horoscope Power Comes Great Horoscope Responsibility: An Interview with Amelia Gray23Interview
Rachel GrayThe University of Pennsylvania29Review
Andrew GretesPassovers31Fiction
Barbara Griest-DevoraAt the Door of the Land or Sea Motel/Our Twin Poles/Language Acquisition and Circus Acts3Poetry
Susan Griffin interviewed by E. D. WatsonSCourtesans, Consciousness, and Carpentry: An Interview with Susan Griffin19Interview
Susan Grimm Architraval Faults, Certificate, and mouse island6Poetry
Susan GrimmWind Turbine or Our Bodies Do That for Us23Poetry
Francesco GrisanzioUntitled23Poetry
Zach GroesbeckGreen Migraine by Michael Dickman32Review
Zach GroesbeckHick Poetics, Shelly Taylor & Abraham Smith, ed.31Review
Zach GroesbeckThe Thingbody by Clare Louise Harmon29Review
Derek GromadzkiDrive20Poetry
Derek GromadzkiOrant20Poetry
Kim GroningaSugar Maple in October, August Haiku, Lines Written after Sex, and O Tree, Squished Pop-can-like Onto the Canvas of My Yard 12Poetry
Sarah GrubbNew Life13Poetry
Yvonne GuerreroFrida's Bed by Slavenka Drakulić9Review
Yvonne GuerreroSongs for the Missing by Stewart O'Nan14Review
Yvonne GuerreroThe Island at the End of the World by Sam Taylor12Review
Carol GuessGirl of Yes, and an End to Highways4Nonfiction
Carol Guess and Kelly MageeWith Snakes25Fiction
Carter Mason GuthrieJennifer Atkinson, Canticle of the Night Path26Review
James GyureBig Steel and Good Money32Fiction
Author NameTitleIssue #Literary Form
David HadbawnikParacritical Hinge: Essays, Talks, Notes, Interviews by Nathaniel Mackey4Review
Syed Ali HaiderGlenn Shaheen, Predatory20Review
Rebecca HallNot a Matter of Love by Beth Alvarado3Review
William Reese HamiltonStoryteller 14Fiction
Barry Hannah, Remembered Amelia Gray, Stacey Swann, Owen Edgerton, Katya Reno15Interview
Barry HannahMr. Brain, He Want a Song2Nonfiction
Jenny HanningPeter Richards, Helsinki20Review
Michaela HansenInadequate Grave by Brandon Courtney
Michaela HansenJacob M. Appel, Einstein’s Beach House, Stories30Review
Michaela HansenMarie Manilla, The Patron Saint of Ugly 28Review
Annie HarperWorking for non-profit does not make you a saint; this is a story about a hotdog.17Poetry
Annie HarperA History17Poetry
Chris HavenFlannery at Lourdes25Poetry
Jane HawleyErika Rae, Devangelical24Review
Jane HawleyKate Zambreno, Green Girl3Review
Terrance HayesAn Interview31Interview
Lilah HegnauerA Hard Rain, Artichoke, and Aubade4Poetry
Lilah Hegnauer interviewed by Jonathan NguyenThe Big Tent of Interiority: An Interview with Lilah Hegnauer26Interview
Angela HemmeterLuis De Lio Time Commences in Xibalba24Review
Matthew Henriksen The Roof, Falling, and Passé History Testes 10Poetry
Brian Henry interviewed by Trey MoodyBrian Henry interviewed by Trey Moody5Interview
Brian HenryThe Migraine Sonnets and No Fishing5Poetry
Michael HensonWhat We Learn from the Demented 13Poetry
Margaret HessBreadbaker Pantoum15Poetry
Mickey HessThe Novelist and the Rapper 12Fiction
Katherine L. HesterBubble27Fiction
Sean Patrick Hillbeneath the waters they are altering your world, The Emperor’s Nightingale, and Poem 15Poetry
Chester HimesThe Something in a Colored Man20Fiction
Katherine HoerthLa Pulga Beauties17Poetry
John Fenlon Hogan Yearning for the Sake of It22Poetry
Theresa HoldenThree Scenarios in Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail26Review
Anne Cecelia HolmesAnne Cecelia HolmesPedigree, Our Heroics, Thought Experiment, and Our Central System12Poetry
Christian HoltWhen You Wake33Fiction
Danny HomanDisquiet by Julia Leigh10Review
Danny HomanThe Lost Thoughts of Soldiers by Delia Falconer5Review
Elizabeth HooverBeginnings21Poetry
Elizabeth HooverChemical Impulses21Poetry
Eric Howerton interviewed by Jacob MasseyRecipes For Surrealist Soup: An Interview with Eric Howerton28Interview
Emily HoworthBest of the West 2009 Edited by James Thomas and D. Seth Horton13Review
Emily HoworthDarlene Harbour Unrue, Katherine Anne Porter Remembered17Review
Katherine HubbardAugust 8, 197423Fiction
Janis HubschmanSafekeeping8Fiction
Amorak HueyThe Saboteur’s Grandfather26Poetry
Jennifer HurleyLifts17Fiction
J. Bailey HutchinsonTwo Poems33Poetry
Amanda HuynhThe Street Has Changed33Poetry
Author NameTitleIssue #Literary Form
Genevieve KaplanThe birds, The landscape, The ice storm, and It’s the same in every downpour12Poetry
George KalamarasPolite, Troubled Lives22Poetry
Mike KaufmannChas Hoppe and Joshua Young, The Diegesis26Review
Jack KaulfusChicken with Plums by Majorie Satrapi3Review
John KeeneCountering the Narrative: An Interview30Interview
Sique KellerKeith Carter, Fireflies15Review
Devin KellyPitch & Tar33Fiction
Daniel KeltnerAnne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife15Review
Daniel KeltnerElephants in Our Bedroom by Michael Czyzniejewski13Review
Clyde KesslerA Moth Man In Ohio and Watching a Thief11Poetry
Stacy Kidd Do not hear me now, Black-Eyed Dog, & little towns grow like this—, and Feathers10Poetry
Cheryl Diane KidderDeath & Night32Nonfiction
David KiefaberHow I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Business2Nonfiction
Melissa KieferCracked33Nonfiction
Athena KildegaardIris and the Catano32Fiction
Stephanie King Leaving Gold-Rush9Poetry
Neal KitterlinLimn24Poetry
Ron KlassnikFrom Poems in the Shape of a Storm4Poetry
Caroline KlocksiemDegrees of Orange and The Last Measures of Bird11Poetry
James KnippenAaron Kunin, The Sore Throat & Other Poems16Review
James KnippenBen Doller, Dead Ahead18Review
Alyse KnorrJane records her brainwaves for NASA’s Voyager Golden Record, 1977 and Jane and Then-Jane dance in their bodies27Poetry
Laura KochmanPlease Bring Me Back My Head, Their Nymphs Emerge in June, Minor Prophets, and Forty Years13Poetry
Sarah KokernotWings of Isis New Age Gifts And More27Fiction
Laurie KolpIn a Fallen World - Ekphrasis Feature33Poetry
Chris KoslowskiTrio of Wrestling Shorts30Fiction
Laura KraaySome Other Animal's Meat by Emily Carroll32Review
Georgia KreigerLawrence Welk Is Dead20Nonfiction
Jenny KruegerCurriculum Color24Poetry
Joshua KryahTowards or Away, On the Body and Ablaze, and Matins (that I might understand your body, your story)10Poetry
Author NameTitleIssue #Literary Form
Nathaniel MackeyLullaby in Lagos4Poetry
Nathaniel Mackey interviewed by David Hadbawnik Interview with Nathaniel Mackey 4Interview
Joseph Mains Remains18Poetry
Dan MancillaEl Gaucho has the Flu –Guy Levesque, Esquire June 198816Fiction
Phillip MandelDavid Ohle, The Blast 28Review
Chris MargraveKathleen Wakefield, Snaketown16Review
Jessica MartinHeather Aimee O’Neill, Memory Future24Review
Marilyn MartinDriving To Waldorf17Nonfiction
Kelly MartineauA Grief Unraveled23Nonfiction
Courtney Elizabeth MaukStratosphere29Fiction
Nina McConigleyAlways a Kind of Mystery: An Interview29Interview
Caitlin McCroryElizabeth Marie Young, Aim Straight at the Fountain and Press Vaporize15Review
Caitlin McCroryGary L. McDowell & F. Daniel Rzicznek, Eds., The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry: Contemporary Poets in Discussion and Practice 17Review
Gary L. McDowellAubade and Aubade8Poetry
Gary L. McDowellDoxology25Poetry
Michael McGriffKeats' Sparrow2Poetry
Heather McHughCreature Pressure1Poetry
Andi McKayJazz Funeral by Julie Kane12Review
Elizabeth McMunn-TetangcoLearning to Downhill Ski, By the House, and Hegenberger Road 27Poetry
Evan McMurryH. L. Humes, The Underground City15Review
Evan McMurryZachary Mason, The Lost Books of the Odyssey16Review
Kamron MehrinfarDavid Hale Smith, Ed., Dallas Noir26Review
Kamron MehrinfarTao Lin, Taipei25Review
Paula MendozaFly Away Home18Poetry
Alexa MergenEase23Nonfiction
Gwynne MiddletonJoyce Carol Oates, A Widow's Story: A Memoir17Review
Gwynne MiddletonAll About Lulu by Jonathan Evison13Review
Gwynne MiddletonBeautiful Children by Charles Bock14Review
Gwynne MiddletonShawna Yang Ryan, Water Ghosts17Review
Zoë MillerMoth 18Fiction
Rachel MindellYearsOneTwo and Dimension27Poetry
Bill Minutaglio interviewed E. D. WatsonPoetry and Politics: An Interview with Bill Minutaglio19Interview
Anthony J. MohrA Very Pretty Girl25Nonfiction
Keith Montesano Nocturne at City's Edge, and Nocturne with Burning Building9Poetry
Trey MoodyCalenture by Kent Shaw7Review
Trey MoodyStigmata Errata Etcetera by Bill Knott5Review
Trey MoodyThe Stripping Point by Brian Henry4Review
Nicole MooreNoelle Kocot, The Bigger World19Review
Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein Untitled 23Poetry
Sarah MorrisonCheating at Canasta by William Trevor8Review
Sarah MorrisonChristian TeBordo, The Awful Possibilities16Review
Sarah MorrisonInvite by Glen Pourciau12Review
Carson MossInterview with Carson Moss, Book Buyer, Strand Bookstore15Interview
Stephanie MotzElisabeth Frost, All of Us19Review
Monet MoutrieBárbara Renaud González, Golondrina, why did you leave me?17Review
Graeme MullenNoam Chomsky and Laray Polk, Nuclear War and Environmental Catastrophe25Review
Kerry Muir Cheboygan 12Nonfiction
Luisa MuradyanAnthony McCann, I Heart Your Fate19Review
Devin MurphyLeaving Maine26Fiction
Shane Murphy Renovations9Poetry
Kristine Ong MuslimDocumentary and Dream Elements from Parcel #147Poetry
Stacy MuszynskiIt Was Like My Trying to Have a Tender-Hearted Nature: A Novella and Stories by Diane Williams5Review
Tanya MuzumdarTwo Poems30Poetry
Allison Grace MyersChris Cander, Whisper Hollow31Review
Eileen MylesEven Eileen Can Write a Novel9Nonfiction
Author NameTitleIssue #Literary Form
Melinda PalacioCountdown to Sea22Fiction
Sebastian Hasani ParamoDiego Rivera, The Flower Carrier, 193530Poetry
Amber PaulenThe Spinster of Atrani27Nonfiction
Andrew PaytonFailed Light24Poetry
Adam PedowitzThe Soul Thief by Charles Baxter7Review
Dawn PendergastBreak it down19Poetry
Dawn Pendergast Debits 19Poetry
Dawn PendergastOne To The Many To The One19Poetry
Dawn PendergastOpened Job his mouth—19Poetry
Amanda PerezMatthew Rohrer, Destroyer and Preserver19Review
Amanda PerezNew European Poets edited by Wayne Miller and Kevin Prufer13Review
Marjorie Perloff Interview 2Interview
M. PernaMattilda Bernstein Sycamore, The End of San Francisco25Review
Shannon PerriLaura Van Den Berg, Find Me30Review
Shannon PerriThe Good Divide by Kali VanBaale33Review
John PetersLeipzig, 197123Nonfiction
Kiki Petrosino interviewed by Benjamin SeanorGoing Down To the Body: An Interview with Kiki Petrosino25Interview
Theresa PfisterMy Brother Has Begun to Shrink22Fiction
Emilia PhillipsAn Interview31Interview
Jaime PicketVinnie Wilhelm, In the Absence of Predators20Review
Jennifer Pilchfrom SEQUOIA GRAFFITI23Poetry
Sam PinkHow They Get You24Poetry
Dan PinkertonIn Retrospect..., Jailbirds, Mail, May Day, and Outside a Bar Called Thumbs, The End is Nigh12Poetry
Sarah PirozekDeath, and Me, and Wasil P, and Chester Himes, and the Boy Whose name I Can’t Remember (It was Paul). And allowable illegibility.20Nonfiction
Mike PitoniakLetitia Moffitt, Sidewalk Dancing25Review
Colin PopeCleaning the Well: Poems Old and New by Paul Ruffin11Review
Colin Pope Judy Halebsky, Sky=Empty17Review
Andrew PorterIn Between Days22Fiction
Andrew Porter interviewed by Sean RoseOccupying the Quiet and the Many Heads: An Interview with Andrew Porter22Interview
Dominic Preziosi Appointment 7Fiction
Real PrufrockSheila Kosher, Love Child20Review
Casey PyciorThe Spoils23Fiction
Author NameTitleIssue #Literary Form
Justin Quinn interviewed by Evan McMurryInterview with Justin Quinn17Interview
Author NameTitleIssue #Literary Form
René Saldaña, Jr.Red Rover, Red Rover15Fiction
Matthew Salesses Stone 7Fiction
Matthew SalessesThe Other Side of Things: An Interview30Interview
Richard Z. SantosPercival Everett, Assumption20Review
Victoria ScherThe Dying Swan Crowned Anna19Nonfiction
David Scheier Reflections 22Nonfiction
Amy Mae SchimpfShip, Your Heart and Body (#5)7Poetry
Melissa Scholes YoungPeople Counting26Fiction
Steven D. SchroederPieces of Eight! Pieces of Eight!, Nothing Else in Tennessee, The Coke Dude, Powerful as a Zoo, and House of Brown, Now Sit Down 14Poetry
Claire SchwartzCitizen's Guide to Childhood17Poetry
Amanda Scott Ethel Rohan, Goodnight Nobody27Review
Travis ScottMarsupial: Our Mother for the Time Being by Derek White13Review
Chaitali SenThe Matchstick, by Charles Tilly21Fiction
Patty Seyburn Proof15Poetry
Betsy SeymourThe Horizon is a Line Can’t Be Reached21Fiction
Evelyn SharenovBent Trees32Fiction
Scot SiegelJust a Walk and Fire Poker13Poetry
Karen Eileen SikolaThe Raisin Effect11Review
Charles Simic interviewed by Trey MoodyInterview with Charles Simic5Interview
Herpreet SinghRed: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today edited by Amy Goldwasser14Review
Kelsey ShipmanAda Limón, Sharks in the Rivers19Review
Ciara Shuttleworth Lilith 25Poetry
Antonio Skarmeta interviewed by Amanda ScottThe Stranger Is My Father: An Interview with Antonio Skarmeta27Interview
Roman SkaskiwSomething Worth Fighting For3Fiction
Sarah SloatNaked, Come Shivering (a Cento poem)5Poetry
Ashley SmithConcordance by Mei-Mei Bersennbrugge3Review
Ashley SmithShelly Gave Jane a Guitar by Richard Meier2Review
Emily Louise SmithSmall Hours2Poetry
Mike SmithAnemone, Limpet, Mussel, Crab, Opossum, and Louse12Poetry
Mark SnellPontoon by Garrison Keillor8Review
Adam SotoThe Friends Meeting32Fiction
Claire Miye StanfordThe Day You Begin to Forget28Fiction
Farren Stanley and Jessalyn WakefieldRabbit in a Recession22Poetry
Farren Stanley and Jessalyn WakefieldRabbit is Knighted22Poetry
Tracy StatonPaula Spencer by Roddy Doyle2Review
Tracy StatonStill Life with Husband by Lauren Fox2Review
Jeanne Stauffer-MerleChiaroscuro in the Garden and And the Angels Press Together Like Cold Horses12Poetry
Robyn SteelyThree Weeks Before the River Crested 14Fiction
Lindsay Stern interviewed by Jeremy BauerOnes and Zeroes Creeping: An Interview with Lindsay Stern23Interview
D.E. StewardDrier than Dão17Poetry
D.E. StewardHombres Necios17Poetry
Johanna StoberockOn Endings33Nonfiction
Emily StoneEstrangeiros no Alentejo19Poetry
Emily StoneFernando Pessoa in Macau19Poetry
Adam StraussRelations and Love13Poetry
S. Asher SundThe Terminal Situation (Elegy For a Nation Deplaned)12Poetry
Rose SwartzStorm Siren7Poetry
Jake SyersakA Cough into the Acoustic21Poetry
Daniel SzymczakJay Shearer, The Pulpit vs. The Hole24Review
Author NameTitleIssue #Literary Form
Julie Marie WadeThe False Mirror18Poetry
Julie Marie Wade Pentecost18Poetry
Jared WallsAll-American Poem by Matthew Dickman8Review
Jared WallsControlled Decay by Gabriela Jauregui9Review
Jared WallsScot Siegel, Skeleton Says16Review
Jared WallsTuned Droves by Eric Baus14Review
Elaine WangThis Is How It Happens28Nonfiction
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