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a poem by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky


Carry me back      through the laboring dark
into first light     first cry      first touch
of Mother’s hands      Those hands

broad-palmed      big-fingered      always working
kitchen hands      comfort hands      hands that tried
to stitch the world back together

when Father erupted      the furies took over
It was the summer of ’43      What did my young parents know
about the Europe they’d fled

the trains      the chimneys      What happened
to Father’s mother      his father      his sister Maia      named
for that goddess who dances with veils      Some say

She’s illusion      Some say      She’s creation
plays with imagination      then rips
the magic carpet away

Carry me back to that cave      I clambered into
decades ago      hushed by the resonant dark
where ancient hands shaped      Her stony vagina      just so

at noon      on the vernal equinox      a ray of sun
would penetrate      Her innermost space      Look
through the rocky lips      of Her vulva      the earth

bears fruit      Your little life      and mine      in the flow
of all the mothers of mothers      the grandmothers      of magic
the daughters of ritual skill      who carry us      living and dead

Come      Sit with me by the fire      though bones ache
memory flickers      hands lose their hold
on the world       Those evil spirits      who spooked

my cradle      are back      The fire spits
and sputters      The furies      rave
and mutter      Here comes      Maia

dancing in the flames      She who lit
the fire      of every life I’ve lived
has no patience      with lamentation      She shows me

Her teeth      and I know      it is She
who will carry me out      through the laboring dark
when it’s time      She

who will rip
the veils

Until then      I gather my harvest

wild nights      belly laughs     poems that sing
This one’s for Her

NAOMI RUTH LOWINSKY won the Blue Light Poetry Prize for her chapbook, The Little House on Stilts Remembers. She was a finalist in the New Millennium Writings Sun Shot Poetry book contest. Her fourth full length collection, The Faust Woman Poems, trace one woman’s Faustian adventures through Women’s Liberation and the return of the Goddess. A new collection of essays, The Rabbi, the Goddess and Jung: Getting the Word from Within was published recently. She is a Jungian analyst and blogs about poetry and life at